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The Woman Made Gallery On-Line Artists' Registry was established in July 2000 as a service to women artists and to promote the art by women. Over time you will be able to view a growing list of women artists with a variety of artwork that should inspire, delight or intrigue you. Artists may be contacted directly by email from their main pages unless otherwise indicated.

Woman Made Gallery is not responsible for the quality or the content of the digital art images. Please visit the participating artists' galleries by clicking on their names. If you are a woman artist and are interested to have your own webpage in this registry please download the information or email us at gallery@womanmade.org.

Nicole Alger Gallery
Nicole Alger
- painting, drawing
Roberta Reb Allen Gallery
Roberta Reb Allen
- painting
Judith Anderson Gallery
Judith Anderson
- printmaking
Carolyn K. Bellis Gallery
Carolyn K. Bellis
- painting, drawing
Bonnie Bisbee Gallery
Bonnie Bisbee
- painting
Janet Bloch Gallery
Janet Bloch
- painting, mixed media
Ilse Bolle Gallery
Ilse Bolle
- sculpture, mixed media
Sharon Bourke Gallery
Sharon Bourke
- painting, drawing, printmaking
Mary Jo Bowers Gallery
Mary Jo Bowers
- fiber, mixed media
Fran Bull Gallery
Fran Bull
- painting, printmaking, sculpture
Pamela Callahan Gallery
Pamela Callahan
- painting, mixed media
Bushra Chaudry Gallery
Bushra Chaudry
- drawing, painting, mixed media
Judy Cooperman Gallery
Judy Cooperman
- photography, digital prints
Jude DiPaolo Gallery
Jude DiPaolo
- painting
Eileen Downes Gallery
Eileen Downes
- painting, mixed media
Ruth Eckstein Gallery
Ruth Eckstein
- painting
Aida Emart Gallery
Aida Emart
- painting, mixed media
Linda Fillhardt Gallery
Linda Fillhardt
- printmaking, collage, encaustic
Beatrice Fisher Gallery
Beatrice Fisher
- painting, mixed media
Deb Flagel Gallery
Deb Flagel
- painting, mixed media
Andrea Ginsburg Gallery
Andrea Ginsburg
- sculpture, painting
Sarah Hauser Gallery
Sarah Hauser
- printmaking
Allison Hill Gallery
Allison Hill
- drawing, painting
Fujiko Isomura Gallery
Fujiko Isomura
- printmaking, painting, drawing
Phyllis Gillie Jaffe Gallery
Phyllis Gillie Jaffe
- painting
Elzbieta (Elka) Kazmierczak Gallery
Elzbieta (Elka) Kazmierczak
- printmaking, fiber art, book art
Catherine Keebler Gallery
Catherine Keebler
- painting
Diane Lang KellyGallery
Diane Lang Kelly
- ceramic, sculpture
Claudia Kleefeld Gallery
Claudia Kleefeld
- painting
Silvana LaCreta Ravena
Silvana LaCreta Ravena
- painting
Suzanne Keith Loechl Gallery
Suzanne Keith Loechl
- painting, mixed media
Marian McNair Gallery
Marian McNair
- painting
Bobbi Meier Gallery
Bobbi Meier
- painting, mixed media, printmaking
Jean Nerenberg Gallery
Jean Nerenberg
- painting
Regina Noakes Gallery
Regina Noakes
- painting
Brenda Oelbaum Gallery
Brenda Oelbaum
- mixed media, installation
Silvana LaCreta Ravena Gallery
Silvana LaCreta Ravena
- painting
Regina Noakes Gallery
Regina Noakes
- painting
Mary Phelan Gallery
Mary Phelan
- painting
Karen Rechtschaffen Gallery
Karen Rechtschaffen
- mixed media, painting
Caren Helene Rudman Gallery
Caren Helene Rudman
- drawing, painting
Linda Rzoska Gallery
Linda Rzoska
- painting
Cathy Heno Suffel Gallery
Cathy Heno Suffel
- painting, collage, mixed media
Anne Taft
Anne Taft
- painting
Catherine Wiesener Gallery
Catherine Wiesener
- ceramics
Martha Zackey Gallery
Martha Zackey
- painting, collage

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